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Blocko pods are ‘Quiet Mark’ tested and Certified

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What is Quiet Mark?

Since its ground-breaking launch over 10 years ago, Quiet Mark, the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society, has pioneered a platform for consumers and industry specifiers to easily find the quietest high-performance products and leading solutions to unwanted noise, to support public health and wellbeing.

When consumers and trade buyers see the distinctive Quiet Mark Q logo on a product, they trust that it has been thoroughly tested and certified as one of the quietest available on the market.


What drove Quiet Mark to measure acoustic performance?

The Quiet Mark team felt it was very important for consumers and trade buyers to have an expert definitive guide to the quietest products currently on the market, year on year, across all product categories.

Quiet Mark was created as the trusted third-party certification programme to serve public health, supported by expert acoustic evaluation.


How does Quiet Mark assess and certify products?

In order for non-sound emitting, acoustic enhancing workplace furniture to achieve Quiet Mark certification, manufacturers are required to submit full acoustic test reports to the Quiet Mark technical team, as well as information on the different types of buildings and/or environments it could be present at.

The testing, carried out to exacting ISO standards, should show the effect of sound when interacting with the product or surface.

For acoustically designed products, like the BlockO and BlockO Base, they need to demonstrate an acoustic benefit, such as sound absorption (to reduce reverberation and provide good speech conditions) as well as sound attenuation (to stop the spread of speech from within the pod to other areas and vice versa).